FlipClip™ Joins Forces with Sure-Life Labs—The Perfect Relationship to Keeping Tournament Caught Fish Healthy

by Jim Kramer
Founder / Inventor of the FlipClip™


The FlipClip™ and Sure-Life relationship began in 2008, when Lane Gergely, the owner of Sure-Life Laboratories, contacted me to find out more the FlipClip™, a device used to stabilize deep-caught bass inside the live-well while the fish’s air bladder regulates.


Keeping tournament caught fish alive and releasing them back into their environment healthy is a shared interest of FlipClip™ and Sure-Life. This interest is also the reason why FlipClip™ Fishing is now an authorized distributor of Sure-Life’s Laboratories’ Catch and Release®, an innovative live-well additive that is engineered to keep fish healthy.


FlipClip™ Fishing fully recommends the use Sure-Life products as the perfect complement to the FlipClip™ to relax and stabilize any fish held in a live-well.


It is responsible fishing to keep our fish alive and release them healthy; not only because it can impact our wallet, it's the right thing to do.


One of my favorite quotes from the "Fishing Professor" Doug Hannon is: " a golfer doesn't eat his golf ball,"  To most of us, tournament bass fishing is not just our passion, it's a way of life.  The anticipation, excitement and success of an incredible weigh in can all be diminished by bringing a dead fish to the scales.


To celebrate this new partnership, we will have Sure-Life's Catch and Release® formula available for purchase at discounted prices at all tournaments we attend. Stop by the Flip Clip Boat or Truck, introduce yourself and save the shipping charges! Also, for a limited time, FlipClip™ Fishing will be offering a free pack of FlipClip™s when a 10 oz. Bottle of Catch and Release® is purchased.

Let's all do our part in maintaining this great resource and do whatever we can to "Keep 'em Alive."